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Why advertise with us?

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We only advertise Part-Time jobs

Our website has been specifically developed with Part-Time jobs in mind and as such we do not advertise Full-Time vacancies on our website, but you are welcome to advertise a Casual or of course any Part-Time positions.

You are joining an established online community

We have a variety of jobseekers registered on our website with many unique reasons why they choose to work in a Part-Time job for example:

  • Returning to work after having kids
  • Caring for a family member
  • Studying
  • Looking for a second job
  • Wishing to volunteer
  • Returning to work after an accident or injury
  • Visiting Australia on a visa
  • Wanting a better work/life balance

We assist the jobseekers in providing them a valuable resource to locate those jobs as well as an online community for you as an employer to reach out to these job ready candidates by searching their resumes in our database.

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You can include more info in our ads

We go one step further…Having an understanding of the varied nature of hours in Part-Time roles, our website allows you to list more information in your ad specific to your vacant job that will make a different in finding the suitable candidate like:

  • Number of hours per week
  • Days the person will be required to work (or if this is negotiable)
  • Times the person will be required to start/finish (or if this is negotiable)

We offer you more value for your money

Even our highest advertising package is less than half the cost to advertise on the most popular job advertisement websites, we are proud to be an affordable advertising option.

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We save you time

We know recruitment can be a time-consuming job, often taking you away from other important responsibilities in your roles/business. We automate the communication process so jobseekers are advised when their application has been submitted and sent to you and within a few clicks you can send a bulk email your list of candidates to advise things like if their application turns out to be unsuccessful.