What we do

Welcome to our Part-Time Jobs website! Our new online jobs board focuses specifically on jobs with part-time hours across Australia.

Do you find it frustrating looking for a job with the hours you want to work?

Do you find that connecting with candidates who can work the hours you need is a long and tedious process?

It can be difficult for candidates to find the information they need about positions advertised. Often the hours required are not featured in the ad and it can be hard to determine whether it is a casual position or a permanent part-time role. Our website is different. We provide you with all the details about each job so that you can search quickly and efficiently.

Employers will also find that our website provides a quick and efficient method to recruit suitable candidates for vacant positions. Finding appropriate candidates suitable for part-time jobs means not only matching the candidate to the selection criteria but also find appropriate people whose availability matches the days/hours you need the job to be worked. This site will allow you to specify all the working details of the job (i.e. total hours per week, how many days those hours will be worked over and even what days of the week they need to be). The recruitment process will be a lot easier as you will only receive applications from job-ready candidates who can commit to the job requirements of your role.

What are part-time hours?

Part-time jobs are generally positions offering flexible working options or with working hours less than the traditional 38-hour week (Monday – Friday 9am-5pm).

There are many reasons why individuals choose to work in a part-time position including:

The types of part-time jobs we feature can be: