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Don’t spend hours and hours wandering through various other websites. When you’re looking for a job that’s part-time/casual come straight to Part-time to find them all in one place because that’s all we advertise.

We understand each person has a reason for wishing to work part-time and that their commitments, availability and requirements can make it tough to find the perfect job that fits around those responsibilities. Part-Time jobs are our specialty, so we focus on providing you details that will help you decide whether the role would be appropriate for your needs.

Traditional job advertisement websites don’t provide important details that Part-Time jobseekers require such as:

  • How many hours will I work each week? Is this negotiable?
  • Which days will I be required to work?
  • How many hours each day?
  • What are the start and finish times?

That’s where we are different!

This website was built with you in mind. We’re not interested in doing things the same as every other website, we want to provide the features you need.

We provide you with the information you need to know before applying for a job. Our advertisements include specific details so you can be sure the job matches your availability, location, expectations etc. To help you out, our ads will display the key information you need to know about the job. You can expect to see:

  • Total hours per week (e.g. 21)
  • Amount of days per week (e.g. 3 days per week)
  • Days of work if possible (e.g. Mon, Tues, Wed)
  • Start/finish times if possible (e.g. 9am-5pm)
  • Location (e.g. Castle Hill, NSW)
  • Pay rate/range/award classification

Register an account and list your details to allow employers to find you. If you register, employers will able to search our database of jobseekers to find a candidate that has the skills etc. that they are looking for. If your details match the employer’s criteria, they will be sent an invitation to contact you.

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As we only advertise jobs with part-time or casual hours, you will not have to sift through a vast number of jobs to find that the position is full-time. You will know upfront what the job looks like and you won’t be wasting time applying for something you’re not sure if you can commit to or doesn’t suit your availability.

We are extremely passionate about part-time and genuinely hope that our site helps you find a job you love.