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Unlike other job search websites, we specialise in listing only part-time positions. We also have a pool of professional candidates from across all industries and at all stages of their careers looking for part-time positions. We also offer employers the opportunity to connect in a meaningful way directly with a previously untapped market segment of exceptional talent who have opted out of the traditional workplace scenario and are actively seeking a work life balance.

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We aim to provide a place for Australian businesses to save time and advertising costs in in their search for appropriate candidates for vacancies in their business. We also welcome recruitment agencies wishing to advertise part-time vacancies on our site.

It makes sense to advertise where you will have a direct link to target qualified candidates available at the days/times you need.

We offer employers the best chance of success finding a suitable candidate through a link to our growing database of job-ready candidates. Part-time Jobs.com:

  • Solves the problem of ‘time waster’ applications by having relevant details about the job in the advertisement so only candidates able to commit to the hours/conditions required will apply. Employers will no longer have to deal with large piles of applications from unsuccessful candidates.
  • Offers employers all the features required when advertising a job vacancy for a reasonable price.
  • Ensures applicants address selection criteria by making this a mandatory part of the application process.
  • Facilitates connections with jobseekers matching their requirements for: skills, availability, location and salary expectations. We streamline the recruitment process by providing employers with candidate information received as they complete their application rather than having to follow up for this information at a later stage.

What makes us different from other recruitment websites?

We don’t advertise full-time jobs

As we only advertise part-time positions, we are able to provide a more streamlined and efficient recruitment service for finding appropriate candidates for your part-time job.

We give you more information

Part-time Jobs.com.au goes one step further than traditional job search websites outlining key information about the role in the advertisement to ensure only appropriate candidates will apply e.g. the hours, how many days are required, permanent or casual position and if hours and days are fixed or negotiable.

Our talent pool isn’t made up of just one type of candidate

We don’t just target a particular group of job seekers (e.g. mothers looking for part-time work). We recognise that people choose to work part-time for many different reasons and aim to cater for them all.

We are not a recruitment company

Our focus is on creating a great online community to facilitate introductions between employers and job ready candidates.

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We exist for you.

We’re constantly evolving, learning and adapting to new industry practice, bringing you the best place to advertise your jobs. We will listen to your feedback and do our best to design our systems to meet your needs, giving you what you want from a job advertisement website.