Our Story

Having worked as a Human Resources and Recruitment professional for over 15 years I often heard from candidates who struggled to find positions that fell outside of the traditional full-time working week.

When I decided to return to work after having children, I realised that I was one of those finding it difficult to find a part-time position that would give me flexible hours to work around child care. It was both time-consuming and soul-destroying scanning job websites for hours every day looking for a part-time job amongst all the ads for full-time work. When I did find a position appropriate to my skill level often there were few details about the nature of the work or the hours required. There just didn’t seem to be a source that was dedicated to advertising part-time positions.

After discussions with friends, family, and other members of the community, I found that it wasn’t just return to work parents like me but people from all walks of life looking for an easier way to find part-time jobs. I knew that previous clients were hiring people in part-time roles – in fact, these roles aren’t that rare (almost half of the workforce work in a part-time capacity).

Surely there had to be a better way!

There was definitely a need to have just one place to look that advertised flexible or has part-time/casual positions. This website would also create a place for employers/recruiters to connect with job seekers looking for this type of work specifically…and so, Part-Time Jobs.com.au was born.

The goal for this website is to create a source that would not only target one type of jobseeker (e.g. return to work mums) – it would be a resource for everyone searching for part-time employment.

I knew that there were part-time jobs out there, but it was decidedly more time consuming to find them when most websites didn’t list key information jobseekers need to know e.g. hours, days and location or in some cases even confirming if it in fact was full time or a part-time job. These factors are important when trying to balance a job around other commitments.

This website has also been designed with the needs of the employer/advertiser in mind. Feedback from employers showed traditional job websites gain the attention of a large number of people but not always the candidates they were looking for. With this in mind, I decided to include a feature that gave the employer the opportunity to ask candidates to respond to selection criteria as part of the application process.

Our Purpose

To provide a user-friendly online community to facilitate connections between jobseekers and Australian businesses offering part-time positions.

Angela Gauci

Founder of Part-time Jobs.com.au